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I feel I differ from other wedding photographers in several ways. The first is how I came to shoot weddings for a living. I assisted a well-known photographer for many years before going it alone shooting for fashion and advertising.

This industry went into a decline with growing internet and magazine sales dropping and I found myself looking around a wedding show one wet Saturday afternoon. I was staggered at the lack of quality, but mostly the style of the photographs. It wasn't like real photography, it was cliched, tacky, overly set up and overly photo-shopped.

I decided to exhibit at the next show with a couple of ideas of my own. First, I was going to show real documentary work shot on real film. This really created a lot of interest as most people didn't know this still existed in wedding photography. Even today photographers ask me how I get the gritty look to my images before they realise it's been shot on film. Shooting this way lets me make beautiful hand prints to give to clients alongside their digital colour.

I also wanted something extra I could offer my clients to show their wedding that was really special and unique to my way of working. I came up with the idea of producing the 'Art Contact Print'. It is a montage of the wedding made up from the actual film negatives. It cannot be made digitally, and is purely analogue.

To view all this first hand, please come to my stand at the open day.



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