Private Hire

Asian catering covers an extremely wide range of exciting cuisines. Between them, the caterers listed here, can provide a dizzying array of different styles to name but a few:

Punjabi, Gujarati, North Indian, South Indian, Mughlai, Goan, Hyderabadi, Tamilian, Kerala, Sri Lankan, Afghani,  Lebanese, Indo-Chinese, Asian/European fusion, Exotic fusion, Vedic Inspired food, African, traditional, halal, Jain, Bahai to name but a few.

Lots to choose from - all extremely tasty and served beautifully. Enjoy!


Some of the Syon Park's approved caterers provide only Asian cuisine. These are the four listed on the top row of boxes.

Some of Syon Park's other high-end caterers offer bespoke Asian catering and party planning services too. These are the four listed on the bottom row of boxes. 


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