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Woodbrown specialises in decorating events with beautiful flowers, creativity and passion. We absolutely love conceiving something unique and individual for each event we work on, be it an intimate dinner or a stunning wedding; each event we work on receives the same attention to detail, style, design and integrity. We work with the client inspiring and developing a design that reflects their taste and meets their requirements and budget. We use seasonal flowers, keeping the look of the event; relevant and appropriate. Colour and texture are so important to us; combinations that evoke emotion and create an air of romance, joy, fun, sincerity, a warm welcome, playfulness, mystery or luxury. We also enjoy working thematically often integrating sculptural pieces into the design; drawing on our experienced team of florists, artists and sculptors, often using plant based and natural materials, sometimes even welding steel frames or formers for life-size animals such as elephants, lions, stags or horses, even bespoke candelabra and gazebos. Woodbrown has transformed many an interior by creating an exterior environment, such as a woodland, garden or park.


Woodbrown Weddings - Duration 3:03 -

Hampton Court Wedding - Duration 0:40 -

Woodbrown Sculptural Flowers for Parties- Duration 3:17 -

One Embankment Wedding - Duration 1:03 -

Autumn Party - Duration 1:04 -

Toulouse Wedding - Duration 1:12 -

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