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Restoration Work

A great historic estate carries significant maintenance obligations.  In recent years, Northumberland Estates have been engaged in a major process of restoration.  The whole of Syon House has been re-roofed, with extensive masonry restoration, and the famous Percy Lion on the East Front was restored and re-installed in 2012.
Inside Syon House, there is a process of refurbishment which is even more painstaking.  The Great Hall has been painted using the original Robert Adam colours, and the Ante Room extensively restored.  There are plans to carry out works to the Long Gallery and Red Drawing Room, but the priority is always to carry out any such works to an appropriate standard using original materials and technologies.
Such works have not been limited to Syon House.  The important eighteenth century iron bridge across the Outer Lake designed by James Wyatt was extensively restored in 2012-13, and modern buildings have been removed and the areas have been returned to parkland.  To the north of the Great Conservatory, the 1960s Conference Centre has been removed and the area extensively re-landscaped, with Brown’s lake being restored to its original eighteenth century layout.
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