Our History » Pre-Abbey Syon

Syon Park lies on the banks of the Thames some ten miles upstream of London.  Through prehistory the river would have undulated to create a mosaic of marshes, creeks and islands, and Syon House stands on one of these prehistoric islands.

It is likely that the earliest hunters and fishermen would have exploited the potential of the river.  Fragments of stone tools and a quantity of Neolithic and Bronze Age artefacts have been discovered, including a fragment of a Late Bronze Age gold bracelet, and the soil profile shows signs indicative of deforestation and agriculture in the Iron Age.

The river has always been a route of communication, but with the arrival of the Romans the main road west from London ran to the north of the Park and a straggling Romano-British settlement developed along the side of the road.  With the decline of centralised Roman power, this settlement was abandoned, but Brentford and Isleworth continued as settled communities.

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