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Modern Syon

Through the second half of the nineteenth century Syon House was a private home, although used as a hospital during the First World War.  There was bomb damage in 1940, but by the mid-twentieth century Syon was still essentially a private country estate, although the city had long since spread on all sides.  Although remaining in private ownership, Syon, like many other great estates, sought to cover maintenance costs through a process of commercialisation.  The House was opened to the public and a major garden festival opened in 1968 to cater to the burgeoning interest in domestic gardening.  One of the first garden centres was opened and a series of show gardens, sponsored by magazines and nurseries, were installed throughout.  Most  of these modern features have now been removed, leaving the essential Syon: a magnificent historic house with very important interiors set in a grand landscape of trees and meadows, of walks and vistas.
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