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Grassland and Meadows

Syon Park is around 200 acres in extent, of which about 2/3 is composed of a remarkable variety of grasslands. These range from fine lawns to the open meadow of the Brown parkland. A number of areas are also managed for specific purposes, such as a traditional hay meadow to the east of Syon House, a spring meadow of primroses and cowslips in the Arboretum, and more exotic annual plantings.

 Along the edge of the drive in from Isleworth a strip of cornfield annuals is planted every year and the fields beyond are grazed with cattle. A programme of re-planting in the parkland has introduced a limited number of trees, but it is important that this remains open meadow, with specimen trees.

 There is also a considerable variety in management practices. Some areas of grassland will be cut on a weekly basis, but others may be left uncut over the summer or for longer periods. The real benefit of this is the habitat potential of longer grass and undisturbed areas, which encourage populations of insects and small mammals, which, in turn, provide food for birds and larger mammals.

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