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Ecology and Wildlife

Syon holds a huge diversity of habitat in a comparatively small area. However, it should be seen as part of a larger expanse of green space, including Kew Gardens and Richmond Park, spaces linked by the Tidal Thames. The most important part of Syon is Tide Meadow, 40 acres of tall grass washland, which is classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The Tide Meadow is the only significant section of unembanked riverside on the Tidal Thames, and as a result it floods at high tide, creating a unique and special habitat and a historical artefact in its own right. The Moses Glover map of 1635 shows this as ‘The Great Meade’, and there have been few changes here in 400 years. Grazing, as shown on the Canaletto of 1749, is still a key element of management, .

It is this historical continuity of land use and management which makes Syon so important. Thus we have in excess of 150 species of fungi, some very rare, and over 60 species of lichen. The lakes, surrounded by ancient trees, provide a perfect habitat for bats, and we actively manage deadwood in the canopy and on the ground to provide habitat for invertebrates, birds and fungi.

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