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The Red Drawing Room more than serves Adam’s purpose as an ante chamber to the Long Gallery.  Wall hangings of crimson Spitalfield silk clothe the room with rich warmth.  Opulent pier tables designed by Adam include antique mosaic reputed from the Baths of Titus in Rome.  The carpet by Moore of Moorefields is nearly as vibrant as it was when it was woven in 1769.  239 roundels on the ceiling painted by Cipriani attract the visitor’s eyes upward to view heavenly and earthly figures.  

 The Red Drawing Room houses an important collection of portraits of the Stuart royalty and the Percy family.  Algernon Percy the 10th Earl of Northumberland, whose portrait is over the door leading from the State Dining Room, played an important role during the English Civil War, ultimately being made guardian of Charles 1st’s children, during the time the king was held under house arrest at Hampton Court.  It is said that Sir Peter Lely’s portrait of Charles 1st and the Duke of York was painted here at Syon.



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